New Video Series Launched

Our new business spotlight video series, Tukwila Makes Anything Possible, is finally here! Aimed at highlighting some of the most innovative and creative businesses in Tukwila, this series takes viewers behind the scenes to see how the sausage is made, or rather, how the chocolate and orbitrons are made. Trust us, that joke will make sense once you watch the videos!

We’re so excited to share these videos with the world. It was such a pleasure working with each company to bring their unique story to life. Behind each logo is a massive team of passionate people working tirelessly to sweeten up our days and bring some of the wildest, most out-there ideas to life. It’s humbling to pull back the curtain and see them at work. We hope this series inspires other entrepreneurial minds to chase down that crazy idea. You never know where you might end up. But if you start the chase in Tukwila, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by a whole community of support. 

First up is a familiar favorite. For years, Seattle Chocolate has delighted us with their unique chocolaty creations. Now, go behind the scenes to see how this once bite-sized company came to take a massive chunk out of the chocolate industry.

Next is Avalanche Energy, a local startup on the rise in the world of sustainable energy technology. Beloved science fiction heroes dot the walls of their warehouse facility, while very real, game-changing fusion energy research takes place on the shop floor. Take a closer look at how they’re hard at work trying to revolutionize our world from a little corner of Tukwila.

We hope you had as much fun watching these videos as we did making them. If you want to learn more about these amazing companies and others like them, simply visit their websites at and You can also visit our previous blog, Tukwila Makes Innovation Possible.